Endometriosis Treatment:

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The Endometriosis care centre provides specialist and comprehensive care to women with this disorder and offers help, to manage your endometriosis pelvic pain.

Our specialist and compassionate team are nationally accredited and are some of the most experienced gynaecologists, within the areas of Bedford, Milton Keynes and Luton

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Excision of Endometriosis Laparoscopic Surgery (keyhole surgery)
Ovarian cystectomy (ovarian Cysts removal)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy (keyhole removal of womb)
Laparoscopic management of Bowel / Bladder endometriosis
Sigmoidoscopy (camera to bowel)
Cystoscopy (camera to urinary bladder)
Laparoscopy for blocked tubes and fertility problems
Laparoscopic myomectomy (keyhole surgery to remove fibroids)

Welcome to our specialist Endometriosis care clinic

I am a Gynaecologist with over 22 years experience of treating Endometriosis. It is my passion to improve quality of life for my patients and to help them overcome their daily battle with this condition.

I strongly believe that endometriosis treatment requires a multi-disciplinary approach and I am privileged to have a highly experienced team of  gynaecologists, who are the cornerstone of your treatment journey.

Lead Surgeon

Mr. M Mahran

Patient feedback

  • I have been in the professional and kind hands of Mr Mahran for the past 6 years with a removal of a cyst on my ovary, which was removed, but he then found endometriosis, which was quite server. We had many options and plans over the years which, unfortunately didn't work and my endo came back even more severely. My last option was a full hysterectomy which was performed December 2021 which was very successful. I can not thank Mr Mahran enough for his professionalism, support and kindness through my journey. You truly have given me back my life. Thank you so much. :-)
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  • Dr Mahran has treated me twice. The first time for ablation to remove the lining of my womb and the second time to remove endometriosis and to release my bowel from scar tissue. Both operations were a complete success and I feel like a new woman! I felt very safe in Dr Mahran’s care and would recommend him to anyone experiencing gynaecological problems. Thanks Dr Mahran!
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  • I was recently treated by Mr Mahran for Endometriosis. From my first appointment I felt like I was in good hands and felt acknowledged. Mr Mahran kept me informed during the whole process which helped ease my nerves before the operation. The operation and recovery went well and I feel like a new woman.
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  • I have been in a lot of pain for years, then I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I finally saw Mr Mahran who was kind and understanding. I got my life back after my surgery.
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Patient feedback

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