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Have had no less than first class care from Mr. Mahran. Saved my life by discovering significant pre-cancerous cells that, although meant a hysterectomy at 38 years old, meant that I am now going to be monitored and cared for as an ongoing measure and that I am around for my two young children. Mr Mahran always answers any concerns, worries and ensures the care you receive is of the highest quality. I am so so grateful for the consistent, first class care I receive.


I have been in the professional and kind hands of Mr Mahran for the past 6 years with a removal of a cyst on my ovary, which was removed, but he then found endometriosis, which was quite servere. We had many options and plans over the years which, unfortunately didn't work and my endo came back even more severely. My last option was a full hysterectomy which was performed December 2021 which was very successful. I can not thank Mr Mahran enough for his professionalism, support and kindness through my journey. You truly have given me back my life. Thank you so much. :-)

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