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Endometriosis Care
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Sophie H.
09:49 17 Jul 24
12:47 13 Jul 24
After 3 years of persistent pain and multiple consultations full of incorrect information and gaslighting, Mr Mahran was an absolute breath of fresh air - from my initial consultation and throughout my surgery, Mr Mahran was professional, caring and full of empathy. His understanding of endometriosis and the associated treatments meant that my surgery and recovery was fantastic. He is highly skilled, not only in his field but also the way he communicates with you as a patient. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Mahran. Thank you for helping me live my life again!
Rebecca M.
17:03 26 Jun 24
I went to see Mr Mahran at the end of March and then had laparoscopic surgery at the Biddenham Manor hospital at the end of April this year.Mr Mahran was really professional but also explained everything in detail which made me feel at ease and comfortable.I am happy to report that since my surgery my symptoms have gone away.Would definitely recommend Mr Mahran.
Jenna S.
12:23 27 May 24
Mr Mahran put me at ease and made me feel really validated after my surgery. I love the Manor Hospital and always feel really cared for
Megan R.
14:39 05 Feb 24
My care from Dr Mahran was the best I have ever received. After being wrongly diagnosed for years and coming to Bedford Manor hospital for one appointment, he was so helpful and my surgery date was so quick after being put on the wait list for my endometriosis surgery. 6 months post operation and it really has improved my quality of life with minimal scarring. Would recommend him and Bedford Manor hospital to anyone.
Emily S.
18:24 23 Nov 23
Dr Mahran was excellent from the very start. He was supportive and reassuring throughout the consultation period, and on the day of surgery. I am a nervous patient and I wouldn’t have been able to go through the surgery without Dr Mahran’s constant kindness and reassurance. The surgery day was made calm and manageable for me and I felt cared for throughout the experience. Dr Mahran’s advice has been massively helpful and his experience levels are evident in his personable nature and the quality of his work. I would highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing gynaecological issues.
Katie W.
20:40 13 Nov 23
I can’t recommend Dr Mahran highly enough, he is professional and really cares about his patients.The nursing care was excellent ,kind and caringThank you for everythingKatarzyna(Katie)
M O.
16:06 03 Oct 23
Dr Mahran changed my life. I was bounced around several drs over 17 years and not one took my symptoms seriously. Within months of meeting Dr Mahran he performed a laproscopy and confirmed I did in fact have a bad case of endometriosis and that I had indeed been suffering this whole time. I didn’t realise how much pain I was in until it was gone, I can sleep through the night now and can’t thank him enough. If you or anyone has endometriosis, please seek Dr Mahrans help. He will listen to you. He has provided nothing but 5* care and is an excellent surgeon who genuinely cares and wants to help.
17:32 10 Aug 23
I can’t thank Mr Mahran enough for the care and understanding I received during my endometriosis diagnosis and laparoscopy.At my initial consultation he really listened to me and took time to understand my symptoms.My surgery to remove endometriosis was successful and I recovered afterwards very quickly.Mr Mahran really cares about his patients and I’ve never experienced a doctor like him before. He kept me informed throughout, and afterwards, making sure I was ok and that I understood the findings of the operation.Thank you!
Tabitha L.
12:56 27 Jun 23
I had my first consultation with Dr Mahran in December 2022, he was so empathetic and just seemed to understand everything i was going through. He made me feel like i was his only patient. He is very thorough at explaining what the plan would be and set realistic expectations. The past 6 months under his care was stress free and I couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend his services.
sarah N.
06:06 18 Jun 23
I cannot explain how grateful I am for Mr Mahran finally diagnosing my Endometriosis. For years I’ve been in pain but just got on with it. From my first consultation to my surgery the care he has given has been just amazing. Thank you so much Mr Mahran.
Donna D.
08:34 14 Jun 23
From my very first consultation to my last one with Dr Mahran, I was made to feel at ease, comfortable, listened to, and treated with the utmost respect. Dr. Mahran was amazing throughout, especially when it came to my laparoscopy surgery for Endemetreosis. On the day of surgery Dr Mahran talked to me to put me st ease as I was feeling extremely nervous, he reassured me, which helped to keep me calm, hw came to see me before I went into surgery and then following my surgery again to discuss the procedure and how it had all gone.He was amazing, I can honestly say that the treatment I received throughout was fantastic, Dr Mahran has really helped me , after suffering many years of pain and discomfort from the condition, I was suffering with I know have my life back to normal and most importantly No Pain. Thankyou so much Dr Mahran your a star 🌟
ollie F.
07:45 26 May 23
Mr Mahran recently performed a total hysterectomy on me, I am 38 years old, I have completed my family but it was a big decision. Throughout the whole process Mr Mahran has been hugely knowledgeable, kind and supportive. He has respected my concerns, involved me in all decisions and patiently reassured me when I have been worried. He has been there every step of way from the initial consultation through to my recovery. He is the ultimate professional, this is his absolute vocation. He is an incredibly respected surgeon and a thoroughly nice man. If he could be cloned across every medical field the world would be a much better place for it! Thank you. I feel like a different person already.
Maria G.
14:41 08 May 23
Mr Mahrans care is second to none. His attention to detail, is impeccable. He really takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and advises accordingly. Throughout I was kept informed and understood everything clearly. His team equally are caring and efficient.
Andrea W.
14:35 05 Mar 23
I couldn't be more grateful for the professionalism and kindness shown to me following recent diagnosis and treatment. I received excellent care from Mr. Mahran and his team who were all very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. He took the time to explain everything to me in a way that was easy to understand, and made sure that I was comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process. Everyone at the hospital and clinic was also fantastic.  I felt well-cared for every step of the way and would highly recommend.
okunuga O.
20:01 16 Feb 23
Right from the first appointment with Mr Mahran, I was listened to, involved in my care and I got the best care. Everything was explained in details with illustrations and simplified as much as possible, every questions answered honestly. I was reviewed everyday after my surgery with all concerns dealt with immediately and I was followed up closely post up, no wonder I had a quick and problem free recovery. I feel like I was given a brand new life. I definitely recommend this service to everyone who needs it. You would be in the best hands one can ever ask for.
Julie H
13:26 21 Jan 23
Mr Mahran is a truly gifted surgeon. I’ve had 4x laparoscopies to treat endometriosis while trying to conceive. His care is impeccable and staff are professional. Highly recommend his clinic
Aurelija S.
23:13 19 Jan 23
Dr Mahran is a Great and the Best consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist. I can’t recommend Mr Mahran enough.Professional and superb surgeon. I am very pleased with all the support and help, I received, through the years, from Mr Mahran and his team. I felt safe and confident in his care. He is very caring, nice and and takes time to explain every aspect of the treatment’s and surgery’s. Providing the best individual options.I been suffering from Endometriozis over 8 years. One year ago I had a hysterectomy. And very pleased with all care I received before, through and after the surgery.Thank you Dr Mahran!!
holly E.
19:32 07 Dec 22
Wonderful care from the first appointment throughout treatment and aftercare. I feel that I have been listened to and properly cared for for the first time in my journey with endometriosis, and my quality of life after my surgery has drastically improved, especially as I am now able to work again as the excruciating daily pain has gone. Mr Mahran is fabulous and I would recommend 100% to anybody looking for endometriosis care.
Holly D.
18:13 07 Dec 22
I cannot recommend highly enough! Mr Mahran has given me the best care I could have asked for. I have suffered with endometriosis for many years and struggled with care. However on making an initial appointment in March I was able to receive surgery by June, which found a lot of endometriosis growth. Before the surgery I was in severe pain and unable to work, however since surgery in June I have been able to return to work and am feeling better than I could have hoped for. I feel like a different person. The promise of follow up consultations also takes a huge load off of the mind. Such wonderful care and ongoing support. Thank you.

Have had no less than first class care from Mr. Mahran. Saved my life by discovering significant pre-cancerous cells that, although meant a hysterectomy at 38 years old, meant that I am now going to be monitored and cared for as an ongoing measure and that I am around for my two young children. Mr Mahran always answers any concerns, worries and ensures the care you receive is of the highest quality. I am so so grateful for the consistent, first class care I receive.


I have been in the professional and kind hands of Mr Mahran for the past 6 years with a removal of a cyst on my ovary, which was removed, but he then found endometriosis, which was quite servere. We had many options and plans over the years which, unfortunately didn't work and my endo came back even more severely. My last option was a full hysterectomy which was performed December 2021 which was very successful. I can not thank Mr Mahran enough for his professionalism, support and kindness through my journey. You truly have given me back my life. Thank you so much. :-)

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