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We are a nationally accredited, endometriosis centre and provide the highest quality of treatment and care for women with pelvic pain.  Cost effective treatment is available for patients who are self-paying, or with appropriate insurance cover.

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We see patients in Manor Hospital and Bridges clinic. You will be seen in a few days and we will provide you with a fast treatment journey to put an end to your pain

  • Endometriosis Clinic;  it is very important to see your consultant for history taking and to plan your management based on your symptoms and circumstances. You will have a full assessment

  • Pain clinic; you can meet our pain management consultant to help you plan and to prescribe the essential medication for your pain

  • Ultrasound; this is helpful for assessing ovarian cysts or uterine abnormalities

  • MRI; it is very important to have your MRI reported by a specialist endometriosis consultant for an accurate assessment and to provide proper planning and treatment

  • Surgery;  your surgery will be performed by a keyhole technique, delivered by a highly trained consultant. We provide all kind of surgeries including laparoscopy, hysterectomy, myomectomy,  bowel shaving and resection

  • Blood test; a full range of blood tests will be essential to reach an accurate diagnosis

  • Sigmoidoscopy;  it is important to perform an endoscopy procedure if we suspect bowel endometriosis

  • Cystoscopy; it is important to perform an endoscopy procedure to the urinary bladder, if we suspect bladder endometriosis

Consultant Endometriosis testing. Gynaecologist in Bedford, Milton Keynes and Luton
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